Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Well I started off on the wrong foot, so lets start again.
I am Malhar Gupta, from India, right now I am working in TCS as ASE on MatrixOne product. My client is EATON and I am working in the manufacturing ISU (thats what they call a vertical here in TCS).
Now let me come to the point why I am writing this blog.
I am embarking on a journey, that I believe will make me learn a lot of things, and at the end of this journey I see a world where people live to learn and grow, and not live to earn money and do anything for money.
So I want this blog to be a platform from where people can come and learn from my experiences and even help me in reaching my destination.
Right now the next step in my journey is going for MS. I have apped to most universities in my list, just one is left.
While waiting for the calls, I am preparing for GMAT and also working towards a JAVA certification.
At work I am building a tool that would generate monthly reports based on the tickets resolved by our team.
I will try and update this blog on a daily basis, but please do forgive me if I am not able to.


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